The Importance of Media in Today’s Society

  There has never been a time when the media has been as important as in today’s society. With the ever growing presence of social media amongst our people, the credibility of journalists has significantly decreased over the past decades; nowadays, everyone believes they can report the news just because they tweeted it out or snapchatted it. However, this is why fake news has surged … Continue reading The Importance of Media in Today’s Society

ISIS – The Trigger to a Third World War?

The following post was inspired by Alltime Conspiracies’ video “Is ISIS starting WW3?“. All information stated below were researched. 

The 21th century has been the victim of a rise in terrorism. Since 2006, a shocking 130 000 fatalities have been declared, with approximately 10 000 men, women and children executed in Iraq and Syria alone. Could ISIS’ military force of 200 000 people in the Middle East be the trigger that could lead to a third world war?

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Column: How to write a good newspaper article

Whether it’s for your school’s newspaper, your work or just out of curiosity and a  need to learn something new, writing a good newspaper article worth reading or even publishing isn’t sorcery. You never know when you might need to write something for a cheap local newspaper for last resort money. By following a couple of simple and essential steps, which does not include copying and pasting passages from different areas, anyone, from amateur journalists to veteran writers, can achieve a well written and interesting article.

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