The Importance of Media in Today’s Society


Photo courtesy of Reporters without Borders

There has never been a time when the media has been as important as in today’s society. With the ever growing presence of social media amongst our people, the credibility of journalists has significantly decreased over the past decades; nowadays, everyone believes they can report the news just because they tweeted it out or snapchatted it. However, this is why fake news has surged and taken over many news outlets.

In our modern society, the media’s goal is to be the first to have some sort of story rather than a well-researched and accurate one. In fact, the world of media is like an ecosystem that has become polluted on so many levels that the truth has become lost to the noise and confusion. It is up to present media to take on the responsibility of purifying the ecosystem and restoring the respected role of journalists. The media has to return to its original purpose within our society, as the scorekeeper of the government. It must reassume its role as the protector of the people, to educate them regarding the surrounding world and guide them towards making educated decisions about life and events. By doing so, the media will become a model for society; it can show them how to double check facts found online, how to verify a post, image or video. If they reassume their role, the media can lead the younger generation to be smarter and better equipped while facing the effects of social media on the modern society.

Today’s society is in dear need of journalists who will work for the good of the people, and who will put truth before fame. In relation to the growing tensions in the nation, it is up to the media to lead society back onto the right path, while being a source of comfort for others who are asking for an end to all debates and discords. The importance of media in our society nowadays can be the difference between peace and war.



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