J-Crusing in NYC – 2016 Trip

*The following interviews are from students who also attended the trip and strictly represents their own opinions and views on the experience*

From March 15 to March 19, the Tompkins High School publications staff flew to New York City to attend the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and experience the streets and sights of New York up close.

The highlight of this trip was the Journalistic Convention that was taking place at Columbia University. Just like college students, the staff was able to select a number of different sessions to attend where they were able to enrich their knowledge from qualified instructors, advisers and retired journalists. The expertise lessons were accommodated to all aspects of journalism, from yearbook editing, broadcast journalism, magazine and newspaper.

With its traditional Greek architecture, the main library proudly stands in the center of the campus. The Columbia campus is a 32 acres campus surrounded by restaurants and local businesses. Photo by Sandra Sadek.

“I think that the conference at Columbia gave me a lot of experience and a lot of tips on how to improve as a journalist and as a photographer. I think it was an amazing opportunity to learn from professionals and to be in an environment where everyone in there has the same passion as you,” junior Giulia Campos said. “The knowledge I received there was not just for my newspaper class but for my entire life.”

Apart from enriching their knowledge of publications, the J-Crew took the opportunity to sight-see the best touristic attractions of the Big City that never sleeps. The dramatic performance of the broadway sensation, The Phantom of the Opera, the blinding lights of Times Square blew away the publications crew. A breathtaking view of the top of the Rockefeller Observatory and a pleasantly relaxing picnic in Central Park, only enhanced the New Yorker experience. The crew also made sure to pay their tribute to the 9/11 victims by visiting the memorial.

“Honestly, seeing everything that is famous was really cool. However, the subway is where we bonded the most and had the time of our lives,” senior Gracie Long said.

While in New York, the J-Crew visited the set of the Today Show, where they were exposed to live broadcasting, followed by a participation in the St-Patrick’s Day parade. Irish dancing, traditional Irish family recipes and games were the highlight of the show, with enthusiastic crowds cheering for more.  This was a perfect insight into the world of broadcast journalism and the importance of technology in today’s society.

“It was a really fun experience. I really enjoyed watching all the people in the city being alive so early in the morning was enthusiastic,” junior Yazmin Luna said.

During their stay, the J-Crew explored the Rockefeller Observatory and the Wall Street Plaza. Atop the tower, the staff used their photography skills to capture the view. The visit of Wall Street impressed the crew with grand buildings that demonstrated the economic power of the United States.

“It was fun and I feel like we did a lot of stuff; I was tired. Grace and I took a lot of classes together and we learned a lot of things to improve our magazine,” senior Briana Edwards said.


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